Driving Long and Risking All

As you build experience in Euro Truck Sim, you gain points which you can choose to place against certain skills. One of these is Long Distance. Longer jobs pay better. Other skills such as On Time Delivery and High Value / Fragile Cargo also increase the value of a job. Building your skill increases the range of jobs available to you. And I have now upped my distance driving skills to the point where I’m getting offered some nice long jobs.

In the last Euro Truck post I delivered a load of Plums to Graz in Austria. That brought in €13k for a 523km drive but from Graz I was now able to take a load over 785km north to Leipzig and that was worth over €20k. That’s a good increase in monies earned and I was happy to grind my way north over the Austrian Alps into Germany with a load of Wood Veneer. The only thing to take the gloss off the trip was a lunatic driver who chose to turn left into me at a junction – no fine as it was his fault (and I was once again stationary by the time he hit me) but that adds to the maintenance costs.

Sunset on The Berlin Ring Road.
Sunset on The Berlin Ring Road.
A shorter job with finishing materials took me further north – back into Sweden and the town of Karlskrona, passing Berlin on the western side of the city. Berlin has a network of roads around it in game that I have christened the ‘Berlin Ring-Road’. And I wound up passing back through the ring-road again after taking a load of Welding Equipment at Karlskrona. This time I was bound for Praha in the Czech Republic – an 834km trip and a nice €24k reward.

The cash in-hand is building up well and I’m starting to think of company expansion – I need some workers to fund all those trucks I want to buy! The question is, do I upgrade my garage in Dortmund and add a new truck there or do I buy another garage elsewhere? I had given this some thought. When new drivers start out they don’t make a lot of money for you and maintenance and fuel bills need to be taken into account. Germany has some of the highest fuel prices in the Euro Truckiverse. Driving through Poland, which has some of the lowest priced fuel, had given me the idea that buying a garage there as a new base might reduce my underlying costs a bit. I haven’t visited every city in Poland but Kraków looked like a good option.

While I was pondering this I picked up a load of Margarine out of Praha to Banská Bystrica in Slovakia – conveniently taking me back towards Poland. I had an odd damage to cargo fine at the end of this run – €1178 taken from my €17k payment. Why was a mystery as I hadn’t hit anything that I was aware of but the game froze for several seconds as I was climbing onto the dálnice (Czech motorway) outside Praha and I wonder if something happened then?

€179k in the bank and a new garage costs €180k. I took a 19t load of Oil out of Banská Bystrica, once more over the Carpathians and into Kraków down that steep winding road… €186k in the bank – decision time. Buying the new garage will leave me with just €6k in the bank to cover fuel and maintenance until I complete a couple of jobs. Every job carries the risk of an accident with potentially huge repair bills. You might like to watch the first part of this video from Squirrel to see an example of what I mean…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-zMgYI11mo
…If you don’t want to watch it all, skip to 7:00 for the accident and then to 20:20 to see how much it cost. You can see how a big accident will potentially bankrupt you! I should add that I drive in a somewhat more circumspect manner 😉

I decided to gamble – I bought the garage. It’s time to push on in the game and grow the company with some additional income from employees. But the monies will be a tight and I’m going to be driving with my eyes out on stalks watching for crazy drivers for a while! I relocated myself and my truck to Poland as I will have to make a decision regards who drives what when I buy a new MAN from the dealer in Kraków. I also think I will now take out a bank loan to speed the growth process – more risk – but I’ll do that after I’ve got a buffer in the bank again. Off we go to Wien with a load of Pet Food and only €5.4k in the bank after refuelling – wish me God Speed 🙂

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