The Eastern Lands

Last time die Nachtschicht and I travelled into Poland with a load of Onions from Sweden. That should help with the Goulash :-) My next trip took me down to southern Poland and the city of Kraków with a load of shoes – don’t tell my Wife, she’ll get excited! This was a quiet run with just a toll road to negotiate.

Dawn arrival in Košice after an all-night drive.
Dawn arrival in Košice after an all-night drive.

In Kraków I picked up a 20t load of Peas bound for a Tesco supermarket in Košice. This run proved to be more eventful – running into the destination I overshot a set of traffic lights putting the front wheels of the truck over the white line and was fined €500. I told you they are harsh with their penalties in this simulation. Then I’m in Tesco’s carpark and some lunatic in a VW van just drives straight into me! That’s damage to the truck though not, thankfully, to the cargo. You’d think a truck is big enough to be seen wouldn’t you but time and time again the AI closes its eyes and rams you  – €787 maintenance though the job was paying close to €9000. This set the pattern for the next 2 runs…

Košice to Budapest – Car hit me in a junction – Maintenance bill = €366; Budapest to Kraków – Hit by Truck on my way to collect the trailer – Maintenance bill = €741

Driving through the Carpathians - waiting for the lights at Ružomberok.
Driving through the Carpathians – waiting for the lights at Ružomberok.

Ignoring the annoyances, the run from Budapest to Kraków was very enjoyable to drive with lots of single lane roads, climbs and tight turns. We drove up to Ružomberok where we crossed the main route between Košice and Bratislava before taking the road through the Carpathians down into Kraków. The latter section of this drive was challenging with steep downhill sections and very tight bends approaching Kraków itself culminating in roadworks narrowing the road at the bottom. Meeting trucks going the other way made it a challenge and there were periods of inching past each other before the job was done with no damage to the tanker of Hydrogen I had in tow.

From Kraków I picked up a load of Exhaust Pipes bound for Dresden. It’s one of those things but before playing this game I hadn’t really understood where Dresden was in Germany – I’d assumed that the city was further west because of the devastating raid by the RAF in WWII and never bothered to really check. To find it so far to the east was a bit of a shock – one of the benefits of computer games is education! Anyway, from there we took a load of Plums to Graz and at that point I’ll end this post – more Euro journeys to follow 

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