Scam Warning

I’ve had a very amusing afternoon…

I’ve been called 3 times by people purporting to be from a Telecommunications provider’s Technical Services department to tell me that I have a problem with my router. They tell me it is causing errors that are corrupting my pc. They can fix it for me and they will send an engineer round with a replacement router in the morning. If you get one of these calls, just think for a second: –

1, Who reports faults on Telephone lines – the service provider or the customer? Answer – You report faults, not the Telephone company!

2, What telephone provider is going to waste engineering resource delivering a simple to connect router? None of them unless there is a special need which they will charge for!

With that in mind, feel free to string the caller along but don’t let them con you into downloading anything to fix your pc! If you get their number (dial 1471 in the UK after the call is over) report it to your service provider and/or the Police.

As a long-serving employee of a major telecoms company I feel obliged to pass this experience on to my readers – stay safe online and beware malicious phone calls 🙂


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