A ‘Where are we’ in the twin Truck Simulator’s is due I think. I set off to explore the various trucks available in American Truck as I had the money coming in from my company there to fund my exploration. In Euro Truck I was going down the route of operating as a singleton driver and intending to move through the various trucks that come as standard with the game.

Here’s where it went wrong… I have had so much fun trying out the different older/mod trucks in ATS that ETS2 fell by the wayside. I think I realised last week that I needed to reassess my Euro Truck play in the light of this. So I’ve restarted this again – I will be building funds to buy a second-hand truck and then gradually growing a company from there. Initially I targeted the MAN F90 as a start vehicle but more about this in the next post.

In American Truck I had been trying out the DP Realistic Traffic mod as well as the available trucks – note that many of these were created for Euro Truck and have been ported across to ATS. The DP Realistic Traffic mod promised a lot and delivered most of that promise. Unfortunately I found it to have a few issues in ATS. Overtakes on single lane roads are the main problem – the overtaking vehicle realises it can’t complete the pass and, instead of dropping back before pulling in to the lane, just pulls into the side of your truck often earning you a collision fine or damaging your cargo  With the DP mod creating frustrations with unrealistic overtake collisions I tried a couple of other traffic mods in ATS. One just increases the traffic with no regard to where on the map you are – I shouldn’t be sitting in a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere – and the other causes frame rate issues. I hope that DP as author for the Realistic Traffic mod is able to correct these issues because in all other respects it works well – apart from traffic jams in Kingman AZ 😉  But, at present, I’m running ATS with the vanilla AI.

In Euro Truck I started afresh and I worked through the driver for hire period to the point where I could buy my own truck – but I wanted to buy a specific older truck second-hand and that actually meant driving as a hire for even longer… up to level 10. At which point I purchased my desired second-hand truck only to meet disappointment… See the next post 😉 In the meantime – a couple of screenshots from ETS.