It’s Ok to be Superstitious, Right?

Over 40 years in the Telecom’s industry has taught me that aside from the Lord giving and the Management taking away, the one rule you have to keep in your mind alongside Ohm’s Law is Murphy’s Law. For those who may be unacquainted with this law – it basically states that if something can go wrong, it will.

After driving the Freightliner FLB in ATS for a review that I posted last time, I went back to my Kenworth 900 – Rolled Gold. I guess she’s been feeling a little neglected as I’ve done two review trucks one after the other. So I decided to roll the boat out and treat her. I’ve taken advantage of a new approved mod from SCS themselves and fitted a ‘Steering Creations’ wheel in place of the standard Kenworth wheel…
…I think it looks a class above the standard wheels and the walnut version goes wonderfully with the dash. For those who may have an interest, Steering Creations are a real company and you can catch them here. Then I looked at the available custom paint jobs that I could apply to her whilst retaining the gold metallic base. I found 3 that looked ok and narrowed it down to these two…cowboy-mural
…I chose to go with the Sunset paint job, but if you think the cowboy’s or just plain gold are better then please let me know – I’m open to your thoughts on this.   I also upgraded to the 300 gallon fuel tanks.

Anyway, since I repainted the truck with the custom skin, the roads seem to have suddenly become dangerous! Let me categorise what I mean with a log from a single run between El Centro and Elko: –
1, Hit from behind – never saw the vehicle that did it – $1250 fine for a collision.
2, Hit in the junction with I40 – no Fine but 2% damage to vehicle.
3, Car changed lane into my truck in Las Vegas – I guess he’d been playing Black Jack with Dean Martin!
4, Near Pioche, overtaking car pulls into the side of my cab – $1250 fine for a collision again!
That’s a lot of bad driving behaviour for a single journey 😦

I begin to wonder if the new paint job is causing a fit of jealous rage amongst the AI. Or if having a Sunset custom is causing the spirits of the Chumash and Mojave people to rise against me. I had three similarly bad runs one after the other. Surely there is some bad medicine here?

Then the old-school Telephone engineer kicks in… It’s got to be a dry-joint somewhere – break out the soldering iron! I un-installed the DP realistic traffic mod and then reinstalled it from the Steam workshop. Last two trips, the AI has been busy and challenging but fine. I do know that the AI with this mod likes to nibble your truck on occasions, especially on single lane roads at night. But it was never that bad before. I suspect that changing the truck config upset that particular mod in the game. So, for future changes, I will probably do an uninstall / reinstall to counter the possibility of bad behaviour – or is that just me being superstitious 😉

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