Demolition Derby

There are some roads that are more dangerous than others… I’ve seen lots of videos of famous mountain passes and remember the original version of ‘The Wages of Fear’. I’ve also driven some interesting back roads in Zimbabwe and the Cambridgeshire Fens – both with their unique risks and hazards. Even some roads in North London can be a trap waiting for the unwary!

In American Truck Sim I regularly pass through the City of Phoenix on my way between Tucson and Ehrenberg – usually as close to the 65mph permitted max on the freeway there as my load will allow. The first junction I meet coming into the city sends through traffic off to the side as the main route sweeps left into the city itself. But, as I drive along that single lane road at close to the speed limit, I’m aware that another stream of traffic is due to join at the far end. It’s a recipe for accidents as people joining either forget who has right of way or just misjudge the speed of the merging traffic. The result can easily be…Ooops

I was looking ahead and spotted this from a way back and was lucky in terms of my schedule that I was one of the first on the scene – we don’t need the traffic jams such thoughtless driving causes. Obviously I pulled onto the hard shoulder and offered assistance… “Cigar chum? Bottle of Bud? That’s another pesky motorist out of our hair!”

Laughs to one side… There is a serious safety message in the background. Lets all show some thought when we’re out there driving in the real world. What we drive is nowhere near as important as how we drive and a little caution and consideration saves lives and, believe or not, money! It always strikes me as strange that Pilots have the ‘No Old Bold Pilots’ saying but motorists have no equivalent. There’s a message about attitudes there too I suspect. Drive safe Y’all 🙂

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