Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Seating including Tables and Chairs

In 2014 Wingate & Finchley installed new seats in the main stand to replace the original wooden benches dating to the 1930’s. The new seats were actually second-hand having been used at the 2012 Olympic Games and were part of the redistribution of the Olympic Legacy to support sports clubs.Olympic Seats

My Wife always wanted a Chaise Longue but antique ones are hard to come by and often have unwanted guests. We stumbled upon a company making them using recycled African Teak railway sleepers. The carving might not be up to Chippendale standard but I bet the frame will survive for centuries! Chais-Longue-2 copy

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  1. Fabulous seating for this week. Both very different and I really like them. 😀

  2. Beautiful b&w compositions!

    • Thank you – the first one was taken for possible use as a background on the football club’s website though I also had Cee’s upcoming challenge in mind too. The Chaise Longue was specially taken for this week’s challenge.

  3. Fantastic shots! 🙂

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