…Somebody’s watching me. And in American Truck Simulator along with its European counterpart, you are never alone! You turn up at your destination with a load to drop off in the most difficult spot imaginable and there’s someone there who clearly hasn’t got enough work to do because they’re able to sit and watch you. Some of them even have the cheek to put their hands over their eyes! Here’s a couple of the watchers…


I mean – C’mon guys – can’t you go and play on the Interstate?! Small wonder that I need to visit the Diner for a Bud after I finish for the day… Diner Time

…And at 2 o’clock in the morning that makes me feel like an Ed Hopper Nighthawk 😉

…Where I like!

Recently I’ve opened a second garage in Tucson and I now employ three drivers, all driving the Peterbilt 579 with a couple of minor variations of engine and gearbox. You may recall that in my previous ‘company’ before mentally building the offshoot of a European company story to fit with the skin I made, I had an equal opportunities policy and my first driver was a young lady. In fact, the European parent company has 6 drivers of which 4 are ladies! The same has not happened in the US this time – the first two times I visited the employment market there was no doubt that the best drivers available were male. My policy when hiring now is not to automatically go for the best rated drivers – Distance and Cargo Type skills are the money makers so I’m looking for these before rating.   Let the drivers grow with the company is what I say 🙂   Things like Gender, Color or Creed don’t come into it!    So first on board at Bakersfield was Jordan. When I chose Tucson for my second garage, I hired another young man, Daniel, to head up the company fleet there. Both these guys have advanced well. With my base also being Bakersfield, the next new driver would be allocated to Tucson. Finally, a lady had the credentials I was seeking – distance and high value in her portfolio – so I welcomed Lilly to the team. She too is advancing her skills and making good money.

Meanwhile, I have been getting itchy feet. To play correctly in a Duty Cab, I always try to arrange my stops at Motels or other locations where sleeping facilities are available – no camping out in the desert! So, I really wanted a Sleeper Cab. I’ve been waiting and hoping for the Peterbilt 389 to appear in the official trucks – I’m still waiting but I have seen some good news regards progress on the SCS blog. I could buy the Kenworth W900 (I do love that truck) but company policy is to go with Peterbilt, at least for now! So, with the company making lots of money, I decided it was time to visit a dealer and see what options with the ‘579 were on offer.

I’ve been driving my Duty Cab Peterbilt for over 45 thousand miles. That’s not a big distance for a well maintained truck – companies look to retire vehicles after 550,000 miles! Even so, I had become attached to the vehicle and parting was difficult (I’m the same with cars!). The dealer had some nice builds available but the one that caught my attention had the same engine/gearbox as my current truck in the Stand-up Sleeper body. It looked very good in the stock Black colorscheme. But I don’t want Black, no matter how shiny! This upgrade is very much the boss’ truck so I wasn’t going to paint it in the standard Martin’s livery either. Peterbilt have a couple of nice approved metallic colors and I chose the red one of these. So here is a final shot of my original Duty Cab 579 and a shot of my new Sleeper Cab truck at the dealer’s after a test drive…

I Could Murder a Burger

New Sleeper Cab