I intended to run two trucking companies – one in Europe and one in the USA. What I got was one in California and a still-born idea somewhere in London. Then, a change happened in Bakersfield… My company became Martin’s (Contract Haulage Specialists). The change was a result of the desire to create a corporate identity via a truck skin. But in achieving that goal, it triggered a European renaissance!

My mind likes stories and links. Martin’s in Bakersfield is, in my story, the off-shoot of a European company seeking new avenues in the Americas- the use of a European House Martin as a logo gave a clue. Martin’s is a friendly sounding name aimed at the US market but in my conjured company history the founding company is one based in Europe with the name Martin. Immediately, I realised that this is an unlikely name for a UK based company. So let me introduce you to Martin’s German based parent company – Martin gmbh i.g. of Düsseldorf.

The title says it all – I’m building the parent company after creating the subsidiary – very much the Cart before the Horse! I’ve worked through the initial period of driving for other people and I’ve just bought the company’s first truck. It’s a MAN TGX – as a German company we should be buying locally. Now I need to work hard to build the European arm until it is plausible that the company would have sought to expand into the USA. That will take some playing time!

I hope to share with you the growth of the company and some screen shots. But I will also be posting some ongoing tales and shots from the Bakersfield side of the business too. So, without more ado, here’s our first truck (in a custom colourscheme)…

Border CrossingCrossing into Holland