Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Much of my photography is in London – a very urban environment. At ground level buildings crowd around making many images more suited to the vertical format than the traditional horizontal of landscapes. One way to circumvent this issue is to find a high point with a view across the urban sprawl. Here are three shots that I hope meet this week’s challenge…

The Olympic Park, Stratford.
Olympic Park

View from Mill Field.View from Mill Field

A406 in The Roding Valley.A406 in Roding Valley

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  1. I think the photos are marvelous, Martin. I know it’s valuable to find “higher ground” to capture the urban sprawl, but that can be a challenge as well. Good for you to finding such excellent vantage points. I really love the first one with the spot of color–the red bus adds so much interest. But the gorgeous expanse of sky in the other two photos is also really beautiful!

    1. Thanks Debra – Autumn skies and late afternoon haze in both of those 🙂 October and November respectively. The top shot was taken with a Flickr group ‘Scenic Bus’ in mind where the preferred style of shot is to show the bus in the environment – it’s a typical late February sky in that one (full of impending rain).

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