A Glimpse of Yesterday

After posting two shots of Class 20’s for Cee’s B&W Challenge yesterday with some basic notes about the type, I thought I would recreate a scene from the early 1960’s when Class 20’s or English Electric Type 1’s as they were then known, operated from Devons Road depot in Bow. In those days they worked as single units most of the time on trip freights between yards or on refuse trains – my first sighting of one as a child was on a refuse train passing through Hadley Wood. They also got roped in to work commuter services from time to time although the lack of a train heating boiler meant they were not ideal in the winter. I set up a train of vans in Railworks based on a photo from 1962 which depicts D8044 passing through Kensal Green. By some weird quirk of fate the computer chose to depict D8008 – 20008 of yesterday’s pair! Because the North London Line on Railworks is depicted in the modern era I chose to do a screenshot of the train passing Brentford Road Junction at Gunnersbury. So, imagine if you will, standing in the apex of Brentford Road Junction watching and listening to the distinctive burbling whistle as D8008 takes the line towards Bollo Lane Junction and on towards Willesden Junction with a Feltham to Temple Mills freight in the autumn of 1962…
D8008 at Gunnersbury

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