Passing Thoughts

An all embracing feeling of mortality is with me today. I acknowledge the deceased of the past who have been heroes for me or for others. And yet my own death seemed a remote thing of the future, or at least it did until this week. The passing of David Bowie has impacted far beyond anything to shake that core solidity of my comfort zone.

Last year saw the passing of many musicians and some actors that I knew and loved – but most were old enough for me to accept that time’s scythe had caught up with them. I made a quiet prayer of peace and thanks for their gift to the world. Then, on Boxing Day – driving up to the shops – I hear of the death of Lemmy. Hawkwind were a band that formed a key part of my early music experience. D Rider from the Hall of the Mountain Grill album is my alarm when I have to be up early. That’s how close Lemmy’s bass guitar is to my life!

Now David Bowie is gone – I’m not one of his ardent fans – I only like some of his music. But, I recognise just how much he has influenced the work of others. There is no doubt in my mind that he was a genius in the same mould as Mozart (if not the same musical style!).

And today I learn that Alan Rickman has moved on too… Fantastic actor who has given so much on screen for us to appreciate. You know, I thought he was younger than me! He never looked old. And now I realise that he wasn’t that old…

You see, these last three… Lemmy, Bowie, Rickman… were only 10 years older than me! It makes you think a lot about the nature of mortality. In the words of Phil Lynott and Gary Moore (both deceased) – Death is just a heartbeat away! I guess I’d better prepare because it’s closer today than it was yesterday 😦


  1. I agree – their passing does make you think of your own mortality. My first thought when I read the news was that they died young. I guess I expect people to die in their 80s.

    1. I think you have it about right – I may not be Buddhist but I certainly recognise that Death will happen when the time is due. Unfortunately, we don’t like to be reminded of our mortality 😉

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