Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Buildings

Faraday Building – I used to work here!
Faraday Building
Kings Cross Station – Cubitt’s masterpiece.
Kings Cross
Flatford Mill – Made famous by Constable.
Flatford Mill

Posted in response to Cee’s B&W Challenge.



  1. Nice building.

  2. I adore your black and white buildings. Thanks for playing. 😀

  3. All glorious shots Martin and wow, what a building to go to work in. Fab composition!

    • Thanks Patti – it was a nice building to work in. And I’m not working that far away from it now – just the other side of St Pauls on Newgate Street.

  4. Nice to see where you used to work & Kingscross station is a wonderful design. I think I remember you posting photos of it some time previously. The Flatford Mill photo is a stunningly beautiful photo Martin. It just looks so calm & peaceful.
    I’ve recently started photography as a hobby, I’m a raw beginner with lots to learn. My photography blog is HERE

    • Thanks Tony – Flatford Mill would usually look great in colour but it was a grey overcast the day we visited and that made for a good B&W conversion.

      I’ll take a look at your photo site 🙂

  5. Great pictures. 🙂 I particularly like the shot of Flatford Mill.

    • Thank you – a grey day made it a good choice for B&W. Well worth a visit if you like National Trust Scones and Tea 😉 Or perhaps doing some birding 🙂

  6. Congratulations! I have selected this post to be featured on Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge.
    I hope that you are having a terrific week.

  7. Is the Faraday Building as large as it looks in the photo? It looks immense! All three are quite impressive as buildings, as is the photography!

  8. What a great triptych. I especially love the reflection, but Faraday is cool too. Solid, bold, and I love the way the front right corner turns and is gone.

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