Pre-Christmas Quiz

Here is a quiz for you to try.   In each image there is a famous location or building.   But, the catch is that these are not photos but screen shots from Railworks Train Simulator.   Of the 8 images, six may be found in London whilst the other two are further afield.   All locations/buildings are in England.   To confuse matters slightly – the trains in the photos are not of the same time period as the scene they appear in; though they would/may have appeared at the location at a different time.   Answers in the comments please…

a, Can you identify the stadium which is missing its usual team and sponsor hoardings?   (Class 105 from the 1960’s – Current recent building)Quiz_a

b, What is this famous London Terminus with a single span roof?   (Jubilee Class locomotive 1950’s – Building current then and now)Quiz_b

c, What is the building with the 4 chimneys?   (Class 25 1960’s – Building current then and now)Quiz_c

d, Name the curved building on the left and the tallest one on the right.  (B1 Class locomotive 1950’s – Current recent buildings)Quiz_d

e, Do you recognise this nearly 1000 year old Cathedral?  (Class 180 unit Currently in service).Quiz_e

f, Probably the most famous railway viaduct in England – do you know its name?  (Loco preserved Jubilee Class, so both current!)Quiz_f

g, What is the strange red building and who was the designer?   (Class 4F 1960’s livery – Buildings Recent Current)Quiz_g

h, Where is that mast?  (Class 33 in 1960’s – Mast and station Current but both present back in the ’60’s too)Quiz_h

If you don’t live in the UK, don’t despair -you can find all these locations on google maps.   Have a go and see what you can find:-)

Scoring – Give yourself 10 points for having a go and 5 points for each correct answer (I’ll be posting answers on Christmas Eve).   Sorry – no prizes – just the warm glow of taking part 🙂



  1. Well simulated Martin! Will get back to you on the points scored . . .

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