Multi-Role Cobra Loadout

For my fellow Cmdrs in Elite Dangerous – here is my preferred multi-role Cobra loadout. For my regular fellow bloggers… please ignore πŸ˜‰

[Cobra Mk III] – Multi-role
M: 2E/F Multi-cannon
M: 2E/F Multi-cannon
S: 1E/G Beam Laser
S: 1E/G Beam Laser
U: 0I Chaff Launcher
U: 0C Kill Warrant Scanner

BH: 1I Military Grade Composite
RB: 4A Power Plant
TM: 4A Thrusters
FH: 4C Frame Shift Drive
EC: 3B Life Support
PC: 3A Power Distributor
SS: 3C Sensors
FS: 4C Fuel Tank (Capacity: 16)

4: 4E Cargo Rack (Capacity: 16)
4: 4E Cargo Rack (Capacity: 16)
4: 4A Shield Generator
2: 2D Hull Reinforcement Package
2: 1C Detailed Surface Scanner
2: 1C Advanced Discovery Scanner

Shield: 123.59 MJ
Power : 10.56 MW retracted (68%)
13.62 MW deployed (87%)
15.60 MW available
Cargo : 32 T
Fuel : 16 T
Mass : 281.9 T empty
329.9 T full
Range : 12.96 LY unladen
11.70 LY laden
Price : 8,113,770 CR
Re-Buy: 405,689 CR @ 95% insurance

New Cobra owners should prioritise defensive items first – Power Distribution, bulkheads and shields. Then upgrade the guns πŸ˜‰ With this loadout you can beat most NPC’s and successfully run from the really bad ones. You can do missions that are available to your rank, and you can trade, smuggle and explore.

Please note that this loadout is not a mining loadout… I don’t think the Cobra is good as a mining ship… you probably need something a bit bigger to make mining profitable!


    1. Hi Fenris – I posted this following a chat with a friend while playing. He was trying to help a couple of noobs πŸ™‚ Did you already set that up for me in the coriolis website? In which case I just saved it… πŸ™‚

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