The Last Flower

Ox-Tongue illuminated
Autumn Sun captured
Life’s fading glory

The last Flower_1024

With thanks to C.B.Wentworth whose work has introduced me to the craft of Haiku.

Photographed at Long Lane Pasture.



  1. A beautiful shot Martin, the last of the brilliant colour hanging in there against the soft muted background tones!

  2. i love this, Martin. The photo is exquisite. And your haiku is really lovely and perfectly adds to the strength of the photo. Very nice!

    • Thanks Debra – I’m very happy with the contrajour photo but I think I need more practise with the Haiku genre 😉

      I think you may get some rain this weekend from the remnants of Patricia!

  3. I’m so glad you’ve found so much inspiration. Your haiku is lovely! 🙂

    • Thank you so much- You’ve really inspired me with those three line poems of yours 🙂 I feel this one’s a little raw – perhaps captured belongs on the third line? It’s a new experience and ties in well with photography – I wonder how the words will flow for a train shot! 🙂

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