I’m a very law abiding citizen… the occasional drift into smuggling narcotics or weapons. I won’t smuggle people – no sir! Not for any money. I do my duty – assist the law in the war against tea-leafs. Apart from that, I spend my time shifting legit goods – if it ain’t kosher I normally don’t touch it. I handle lots of urgent deliveries and often face hazards doing them – Pizza delivery guys have nothing on what I do! So how did I wind up carrying out cold blooded murder?

It started in the HR783 system at Rich Orbital. I’d just returned from Carpuli with a delivery of Flushings – that’s Biowaste to you. I’d also completed a job in Carpuli on behalf of the local HR783 associations to terminate 5 pirates for which I was handsomely paid. I looked up the available missions on the Bulletin Board and found one to terminate a Class 2 Celebrity who was ‘encouraging his followers to cause trouble’. Cr60k for completing that mission – not a bad payment (I’ve seen better but sometimes there’s not a lot about). I also picked up an urgent courier delivery in the same system – Carpuli again.

So – back in Carpuli, I drop off the urgent items… Ironically, Medicines to heal the sick. And then I start hunting for my target. The most likely place is around Bethe and sure enough I find him there in his Orca with an escort. It’s at this point that I really understand that I am about to kill a civilian, a civilian with an armed escort but still someone who has not broken the law and is not a military combatant. It’s a strange feeling – outside of my usual modus operandi.

I bare my fangs and his ship does the same, as do his escorts. He makes some quip about there always being another critic. And still I track along in his wake – finger hovering over the firing trigger. I had a similar mission a couple of months back against a military officer who was out of favour with the politicians – I realised then that he was still an ally of the people who had charged me with the mission and I abandoned it and let him live (the fact that he had two loyal Anaconda class vessels with him might have swayed the decision too!). I mulled over the mission against this target too as I drifted closer.

Then I saw red… All those minor celebrities – diminishing the quality of television and then having the gall to tell the people what they should think or how they should dress… This was my chance to exterminate one of the vermin that inhabit the soap operas and b-grade pop bands around the galaxy! I opened fire and immediately drew fire from his Orca and the accompanying escort. It was a short battle – I concentrated on the Orca and reduced it to wreckage at which point one of the escorts did the dishonourable thing and ran! The other stayed to shoot at me ineffectively from long range. Job done – I legged it back to HR783 and my paymasters at Rich Orbital. I now have a bounty on my head of 6400Cr which will remain in place of the next 6 days. If someone tries to claim it they’ll find the Cobra has a very scaly skin!

I thought back on my actions and on the outcome. I’d been offered money to remove a celebrity from public life. I’d taken it as a job that would pay so-so money and have little immediate risk. I’ve taken far riskier jobs that haven’t involved killing. So, on that basis this was a poor mission choice. But, something interesting happened to my approval rating with the Empire – suddenly their attitude to me was no longer Neutral – it was Friendly! Then I checked the Federation’s view of me and would you believe it… I’m now Allied. Clearly this class 2 Celebrity must have really been a thorn in their sides! Oh wow… I am become an angel of death for the governments too 😦

Makes you think though, doesn’t it. Next time a minor celebrity who has expressed anti-government / establishment views dies suddenly, how can you be sure it was natural?