The Big Man

Every season just before the first match I get to do the individual photos of the players and the Team Photo for the season. All the players behave differently in front of the camera. The younger ones tend to be a little unsure of themselves. The old hands will sometimes offer a bit of banter before adopting a neutral expression. Keiron, as befits a senior defender, chooses to practice the fierce look that he hopes to terrify opposing forwards with. Ahmet never knows whether to grin or grimace whilst Weathers’ and Danny invariably adopt a poker face. Ola, The Big Man, just seems to relax into his natural smile…

The Big Man-2


  1. It takes a certain eye and talent to take photograph another person in close-up. You’ve managed to capture an easy natural quality, and from such a perfect angle. As much as you love the game, I would imagine you take this seriously and enjoy it as well, Martin. šŸ™‚

    1. I do indeed Debra. To illustrate – TJ approached me while the new kit was being distributed with a concern… “Martin – I have a spot on my nose. Can you do something about it?” I reassured him that I always check for spots on the portraits and do my best to remove them. In fact, I’ll generally remove anything disfiguring except the stud-marks from the last time a player put his head in amongst the feet to score a goal – Those are a badge of honor! šŸ™‚

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