When a locomotive is broken it is said to have ‘Failed’ and another locomotive will be sent to rescue its train. In diesel and electric trains, failed can mean something as minor as a blown fuse for which no replacement of the correct value is available on board. Equally, it could be something more serious like a traction motor flashover or a fire. But in a steam locomotive, failed invariably meant that something mechanical had actually broken. An example might be the crankpin that holds the coupling rods in place – apparently the Fowler 4F’s had a habit of breaking these very regularly. Anyway, for Broken I present an image of 90048 hauling the 4M88 Felixstowe South – Crewe Basford Hall intermodal service through Willesden with 86639 and 86614 ‘dead-in-train’. 86639 had failed the previous evening at Cheddington and 86614 took the train on alone to Felixstowe. One class 86 on its own is not powerful enough to maintain time on the congested West Coast mainline, so 90048 was given the task of hauling the return journey to Crewe where 86639 would be able to get attention. 86639 was back in service a couple of days later.

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