Computer Issues

This morning I experienced an issue with my computer on start-up. You can read all about the problem and the steps taken to resolve it on my writings blog at . Hopefully, if you experience the same issue you will be able to fix it too 🙂


      1. Thanks Sue – when I retire I may well move over to Linux but I’ll need to know that all of the games we use as a family will work there. I do know that it will run the Adobe photography programs. Anyway, I’ve got Alasdair testing Open Office at the moment – He’s not entirely happy with it… I guess that’s because he has to do more of the work himself than in MSOffice 😉

      2. I am OK with Mac because I don’t do games, my photography stuff is fine, and Open Office (and, for that matter, Libre Office) work fine for me.

      3. Games is the issue – I can’t praise a simple game like Plants v Zombies enough for helping my wife back to health following a minor stroke a few years back. They can really stimulate positive brain activity.

        I know that Open Office would work ok for me but I get MSOffice Professional for less than £10 so I haven’t felt the need to move just yet 😉

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