1. Nicely done — the people loom large despite being small!
    (I remember when “dodging” was a term in photography, something about burning in edges, to achieve better emphasis, or maybe not! It’s a long time ago, but it’s the thought that crossed my mind when I saw your title.)

    1. Thank you Judith – yes Dodging was a method of bringing out the details in areas of a photo that were over exposed due to the limitations of the film’s ability to handle very wide contrast ranges in a subject. It was done by holding a mask (moving it continuously) over the print during exposure under the enlarger and thus reducing the paper’s exposure in the selected area. Its companion was Burning which increased the exposure in areas where the original film was under exposed. It’s much easier now with digital files but you will find it replicated with the same name in photoshop 🙂

      In this case, Dodging the Column was a term within the British military for avoiding unpleasant daily duties by a mix of subterfuge and guile – but it seemed a fitting title for the people moving about Paternoster Square on a sunny spring lunchtime.

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