Sunny in the City

February in the UK can be a glorious month for sunshine, even if it is a bit chilly at the same time. Having just viewed Patti’s Winter’s Walk in New York I thought I’d share some shots from a sunny City of London. All were taken on Lunchtime walks last week…





15955734074_061d99eb37_bAnd that is my 500th Post!   Now I wonder what I’m going to do for the next 500?   Good Hunting everyone 🙂


  1. Martin, how lovely to walk the bright winter streets of London with you, thank you so much! Doesn’t a bright blue sky make the world of winter difference? The final shot is absolutely spectacular. Have fun with the next 500!

    1. You’re welcome Patti – It’s always great walking the streets of NY with you 🙂 I hope to be posting quite a lot from The City now I’m working in an office down there. Glad you liked the last shot – I leant on it a bit to really bring out the colour of the bricks 😉

  2. You must have taken the one of cannon st from right by my office! If you’d let me know I’d have treated you to a coffee. Will be in touch about that soon 🙂

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