Short finals to land at Aubakirov Orbital. You can see the shadow of my ship on the station. God… It’s almost like flying a Cherokee! 🙂
Final approach to Aubakirov Orbital, Frigaha System

Travelling between systems – the speedo say’s we’re doing nearly 6000 times the speed of light!
Travelling through the Void

Ackerman Market complete with habitation ring – ideal station to buy your fruit and veg. There’s probably a few descendents of London barrerboy’s living here and I bet the local pub is named ‘The Market Porter’ too.
Ackerman Market, Erevate System

A rather nice view of Fullerton Horizons orbiting a planet in the Mbukuravi system – the place where I realised that my ‘horizons’ were broadening as I contemplated where to next…
Fullerton Horizons, Mbukuravi System