With 500 posts under my belt I’m finally getting a view on where my blogging is taking me. It seems to have polarised into Photographic posts and Story/Poetry posts. Occasionally the two combine but often it seems that there is room for each to go their separate ways.

Therefore… in this 501st post on my original blog I wish to announce the second ‘Finchley’ blog – Tales From a Finchley Lad – on which I will be publishing my writings. You can find it at https://finchleytales.wordpress.com/ and my first post is the full story of ‘The Extra Hour’ in a single post rather than the four post version as originally published here. Some of my other earlier writings will also appear there as I set up the site, then it will be the place for my new written posts.

The other change is to the title of this Blog – from now it will be Images From Finchley, reflecting the fact that most of my posts here will be image based. I hope that my regular readers will be ok with these changes and continue to follow – I thank you all for your support šŸ™‚