Lest We Forget

Sunday November 09th 2014 saw us recalling the centenary of the outbreak of World War One and remembering the dead of both world wars and numerous conflicts since. My Remembrance Sundays are usually centred around attending the service at my local church. Sometimes circumstances preclude this act of solidarity with those who gave all in defence of our freedoms – my son was ill in 2009 and we were in Barnet Hospital on that Sunday…It didn’t stop me attending the Remembrance Parade in Barnet though and capturing this image…


…This year I attended the Remembrance Parade at Euston Station – a little off my local area…

Euston Parade_01

Euston Parade_02

…So why was I at the Euston Remembrance Parade? Because Remembrance Sunday saw the first run of a steam locomotive out of the new St.Pancras Station and I felt that I should record the passage of the train through Kentish Town. I give you Royal Scot Class Locomotive 46115…

46115 b&w_01_1024

46115, The Robin Hood, Kentishtown_01_1024

46115, The Robin Hood, Kentishtown_02_1024

…Named ‘Scots Guardsman’, I think she was a fitting choice of locomotive for Remembrance Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ The 11th of November is officially Remembrance Day – Please try to find time to recall those who gave their lives for our freedoms as you go about your daily business.


    1. It’s a time of personal thoughts and you can hold those where ever best suits you. I’ll admit to a tear or two at Euston and again later in the day while watching the pre-match bits before the West Brom/Newcastle game. I think it’s great that tv gives everyone the chance to be a part given that so many of our service people come back with permanent disabilities.

  1. On occasion I have been able to attend a remembrance service or Veteran’s gathering, and this year that didn’t happen as intentionally, but it was still a time of contemplation and gratitude. How fortunate that you had the opportunity to admire such a grand steam engine! Excellent timing–and great photos!

    1. Thank you Debra. The Royal Scots are just about my favourite class of steam locomotive in the UK so this was a very special opportunity to catch one in London. In the 1948 trials that were run by the new British Railways to determine best locomotive practice before building BR Standard Locomotives, the Royal Scot’s on a size and weight basis whipped the competition! But to do that they had to be worked really hard and coal consumption wasn’t as good as some other bigger and more powerful locomotives that under-performed in the trials. I should write about the 1948 trials and the BR standard types some time – though it would be a potted history if I did.

  2. What a wonderful day, with so many mixed emotions and memories which you have captured with so much style. The rich steam of the red robin Hood through the muted colours are vintage superb. Well done Martin!

    1. Thanks Patti. ‘The Robin Hood’ was a service introduced by British Railways in 1958. It was originally the 08:15 Nottingham to London service. The name was discontinued in 1962. Current operator East Midlands Trains reintroduced the name for the 07:50 Nottingham – St.Pancras and the 16:15 return journey. I think the heavy overcast may have helped with the muted colours and I have to thank Scots Guardsman for the glorious display of steam ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Perhaps it’s the gray that makes the vivid colors pop like that.
    If so, perhaps I’ll console myself on this gray gray day —there may be consolations to be had, if I open my eyes to them.

    1. Quite so Judith – Transport for London Red and the Crimson BR used to apply to loco bufferbeams really do stand out in gray light. The same color has been used for the nameboard of the train too. The other colors are muted but the cool dampness of the morning has kept the steam low and brought out its random billows nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

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