First of October

First of October

Black arrows caw across cloud laden sky

Carrion dark night into fledgling day

Neon sign blinks at bleary passer by

Magpies cackle though their jokes are unspoken

Damp reflects light last vestiges of night

And humourless humans trudge freshly woken

Martin Addison- 01/10/2014

Ballards Lane


  1. That time of the year, and you have captured it all so well Martin. Such a pivotal point of the year isn’t it, it always brings back memories of the boys starting back at school . . .

    1. Thanks Patti – you’ll be pleased to know that the grey dampness disappeared around 10:00 and we had a glorious autumn day 🙂 I think the school year has moved a bit – they went back 2nd week in September and it will soon be half-term 😉

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