The children backed away, uncertain. There was something about me they were unsure of or, to be blunt, didn’t like. I smiled, baring a fang and the little girl shrank visibly before running away towards her friends whilst her brother hid behind his mother’s skirt – a volumous Kente design – before peeking out from its folds. The mother looked at me cautiously and proffered a polite greeting whilst easing back a little, “You’re Aysha’s Husband?”

Oh for some deeper shadows… I could see the graceful line of her neck in the subdued light of the banquetting hall… I quickly offered my apologies for frightening her children and edged away towards the bar. “A drink sir?” – the barman appeared on my right; a bright faced youth who could have passed as a girl in different clothes. I pushed that thought back into the alcoves. “Becks please”… I almost chewed on the words as I spoke them but he still got my order and I left with a bottle and a glass.

I’ve never been one to socialise – I find it tedious; and it carries the risk of detection. I stood quietly in the shadows beside an alcove and watched the party move back and forth – waiting for its gradual break up into the inevitable schisms. A young lady, separated from the crowd, settled close by; just a buttress away. We exchanged brief smiles and I returned to watching the party whilst my peripheral vision took her in. Dark dress, sharply defined breasts, beautiful throat and long dark hair.

Our fangs drip you know… with anticipation. We must dry our mouths before approaching our chosen partner for, in that moment of lust, all could be lost by a moments indescretion. I close with my target – the darkness forms like closing wings about us as we become one in a brief moment of frenzied passion. Then I am outside and looking to walk back into the hall; all innocence as the cries go up and the lady in the Kente dress lies on the floor with only a couple of marks on her neck to show our shared embrace. I’ll be back for the boy behind the bar another day 😉

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door.” “You step into the road , and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

To me Adventure is a state of mind – it may be a good book by the fireside or a film on TV or it could be getting out there amongst the wildest that nature has to offer. We’re all different and one person’s adventure is another person’s boredom. My regular readers will know my preferred modes of adventure: the train journey as in or the joys of flight . But at the end of the day Tolkien’s words sum up adventure beautifully for me – you only have to step outside your door to find it! So here’s a couple of photos of my road from which countless adventures have started…

Long Lane Southbound in Snow

Long Lane Northbound in Summer

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