Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Chompin' Chips
Chompin’ Chips
Final Warning
Final Warning

You can read about the Weekly Photo Challenge at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/dialogue/ .


    1. Thanks Debra – Yes, the Referee is explaining what he didn’t like about a challenge each of the players has made and warning that any more transgressions will lead to a yellow card. Get 5 yellow cards during the season and you get an automatic 1 match suspension. Get a second yellow card in the same game and you get sent from the pitch and get an automatic 1 match ban which the FA may increase depending upon the nature of the offences. If a player makes a dangerous challenge – both feet off the ground for example, the referee may issue a Red Card which brings an automatic 3 game ban and may result in further disciplinary measures by the FA. Hope that’s as clear as mud 🙂

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