Living / Driving a Memory

As an intermission from my posts covering the route from Carlisle to Stranraer I’d like to dive off into the late 1970’s / early 1980’s. I mentioned in part one of my Stranraer posts that I travelled through Dumfries quite regularly on Saturday night diversions from the west coast mainline in that period and these diverted trains often drew a Class 40 locomotive. When I’m really stressed out and can’t get to sleep I find these memories help! So, here is that memory recreated in Railworks with a Class 40 waiting to depart Carlisle, a view from the cab as it passes through Annan and a shot as it passes through Dumfries around midnight.

40001 at Carlisle

40006 passing through Annan

40006 passing through Dumfries



  1. I do like your pictures,, night time with so much atmosphere…

    • Thanks Gerry – there’d be even more atmosphere with the burbling whistle from a Class 40 😉 They’re an elegant looking loco. The drive across to Dumfries is weird – apart from occasional lights from farms and houses it’s pitch black apart from the signals… quite spooky! Thanks for the kind comment 🙂

  2. Really wonderful photos — atmospheric, informative, and artistic. All at once!

    • Screenshots rather than photos Judith but they probably take just as much setting up as a real photo – especially when you have to drive the subject to the preferred location 😉 Thanks for the kind comment 🙂

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