FIFA – Well, They Did Stand up!..

And more power to their elbow!  Suarez gets a 4 month ban and misses 9 international matches.   A balanced response from FIFA which I feel was slightly lenient.  I would have preferred a 12 month ban to give time for any psychological issues to be properly addressed through counselling – no one wants a clearly skillful player to be excluded from the game purely because they have mental issues (assuming that is really the case).  Sadly the Uruguayan FA have appealed against the decision and whilst I sympathise with the position they find themselves in regarding progression in the World Cup, I cannot help but ask, What are they thinking!   Are they really saying that biting another person in a public place is acceptable behaviour?  Is that a Cultural difference between me and a Uruguyan, that I find biting on a football pitch offensive but they don’t?  That I find biting on a street unacceptable?   Is the message that the Uruguayan FA are sending one of ‘Go Ahead and Bite People, it’s OK?’   Come on – this is wrong – swallow the (light) punishment and get on with the game and life.

Rants over – Normal service will now be resumed



  1. 4-months does seem a little lenient especially for a repeat offender of bad behaviour but at least FIFA put their foot down. Biting is inappropriate on and off the field and an example needs to be set that it is unacceptable. Guess there will always be appeals when punishment is passed but not sure on what grounds Uruguay will be appealing it …

  2. I haven’t seen the pictures or considered the evidence, but the appellants’ position might be not “it’s OK to bite an opponent on the football pitch” but “there must be some legal trick to get round this one”.

  3. What would the World Cup be without a prima donna . . . Uruguay will just have to slog it out without the brat.

  4. I was shocked when I saw that incident. Really, a biter? Are we five years old on the pitch? Glad FIFA did the right thing.

  5. Patti, “brat” is indeed the word.
    Is the World Cup for grownups or for kindergarteners? That would seem to be the question. I wonder what the answer will ultimately turn out to be, despite the announcement of this punishment (which sure seems lenient to me).

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