Father – Son Conversation

Son: Dad, can you listen to this…

Dad: Sure, now?

Son: Please Dad – it’ll only take a couple of minutes…


5-7 Minutes later…

Dad: Who is this?

Son: Noisestorm

Dad, resisting temptation to use band name for disparaging remark: Sounds like Drum and Bass but a bit lacking in drum and rhythm…

Son: I really like it

Dad: Have you heard Roni Size?

Son: No – Who’s He?

Dad: The Father of Drum and Bass – here, have a listen…


5-7 minutes later…

Son: Don’t like that – not drum and bass…


Ain’t that The Truth 😉



  1. They have to have their own!

    • I quite agree Patti and I encourage him to listen to things. We have a sensible arrangement set up. If he plays me something that he wants and I don’t like it I’ll buy the single for him but he has to pay me back from his pocket money. If I do like it I’ll buy the album for us both. Examples of recent albums courtesy of Alasdair are Alex Clare’s ‘The lateness of the hour’ and ‘Home’ by Rudimental.

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