You Are a Disgrace

I am disgusted to witness the Premier League excusing the Sexist behaviour of its Chief Executive by hiding his disreputable attitudes behind a veil of legalities to allow him to remain in post. No doubt similar excuses would have been levied for Racist emails too. Clearly the Kick it Out campaign has absolutely no meaning in Gloucester Place. But surely we should not be surprised – the only thing that truly matters to the Premier League and its Chairmen is LOADSA MONEY rather than gentlemanly conduct and football. I do know that in the company I work for emails with content of this nature would have led to dismissal regardless of rank.

Since the Premier League appears unable to police itself, maybe it is time for the FA to show their true mettle and disown the Premier League and refuse member clubs entry to their competitions – which I suspect would also mean that the players could not play for their national teams. That would surely get their attention and ensure that Sexism and Racism were much more quickly addressed. This assumes, of course, that the the FA believe in their Kick it Out campaign too and are prepared to enforce it?

For those of you unfamiliar with what has been going on please see


    1. Yes Gerry – too much these days has nothing to do with football. And Sexism like Racism has no place in football. I seem to recall that the England Ladies have been carrying the flag somewhat more successfully that the men over the last few years! 😉

      1. The ladies are what the men could learn from, Ranging from the honour of putting the shirt on to playing decent football and only football, no matter colour race or sex. 😉

      2. We had the pleasure of a visit by Rachel Yankey, with her coaches and the boys team she is currently running, at Wingate and Finchley last season.

    1. That’s terrible Robyn. These issues persist despite the majority of fans and players being anti-racist / anti-sexist in their stance. I presume that the AFL has its own version of the FIFA Kick it Out campaign? Unfortunately, when a high ranking official in an organisation that runs the sport makes inappropriate comments and gets away with it – a coach and horses is driven through the policy and the stance is weakened 😦

      1. That’s Good 🙂 I’ve witnessed our Chairman evicting a racially abusive opposition fan in the past. But these things really need to be led from the top.

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