Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

It’s not surprising that I should turn to trains for this challenge given my interests in that area.

The 1C30 service for Cambridge gets a move on through Alexandra Palace under the watchful eyes of rail enthusiasts – it’s running a couple of minutes late at this point in the journey…

365508 at Alexandra Palace

Go to any mainline station and you’ll find people running to catch a train! These two ladies are hurrying to catch the Birmingham train on platform 13 which will soon be on the move…

On the Move at Euston

A more relaxed image of a bygone era. D8060 on the move with a train of oil tanks between Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie in Kirkcudbrightshire, southwest Scotland, in a scene from the early 1960’s. The line closed in 1965 but lives again as a route on Train Simulator…

DD8060 near Dalbeattie

You can read about the Weekly Photo Challenge at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/on-the-move/


  1. If you had picked something other than trains for this, I might have wondered what you did with Martin. Unless, of course, you shared a soccer photo.

    Hope Epi is doing well and enjoying her new camera.

    1. LoL – She has yet to touch it Nancy and I don’t think she will until after her operation which we’re still awaiting a date for 😦 I’m using it quite a lot – notably when I have a long walk planned to ease the weight on my back (which I’m finally seeing the physioterrorist for). Both the real photos in this post were taken with it.

    1. I hope you had a pleasant visit Patti with the improving weather towards the end of the week. I was off duty on Friday and went Birding on Hampstead Heath 🙂

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