The Coming of Spring






Spring it is
That brings the snow
White Blackthorn flowers
Upon the bough

Icy fingers
Frost the cars
Feverish commuters
Scraping hard

Blackbirds forage in
Crisper leaves
Seeking to find
What lives beneath

And Robin selects
With care, a bed
To build her nest
Within the shed

So March begins
New life transcends
And Cherry tells
Of Winter’s end

Cherry Blossom




Martin Addison – 04/03/2014


  1. What a beautiful thought, the cherries and the end of winter.
    Here it’s simply a dream! Minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday morning.
    Still — the birds are beginning to appear.

    1. I hope it warms up for you soon Judith. We’ve had no true winter here and yet for many people it’s been a very devastating period with flooding ruining homes and livelihoods. Nature is now gearing up for the birth of new life. I saw Mrs Robin proudly displaying her intentions on the window-sill of the shed last week, tail cocked inviting her mate in, so I guess the shed is off bounds again until late May 😉 The trees are blooming brightly and even the Old Rowan in the garden is showing signs of breaking a few leaf buds. I just hope that the weather doesn’t turn very cold suddenly as it will catch all these brave creatures out 😦

  2. Highwaymen, and robins mating — you hit to all fields, Martin! Your interesting commentary is livening up a rather dull afternoon here, where the first flakes are lazily drifting down. I hope they soon decide it isn’t worth the effort.
    I think English flooding trumps our snow, and I’m happy Finchley was spared.

    1. Thank you Judith – My Father was a Scotsman and insisted in buying on top of a hill when he chose the family home. We’re 280ft above sea level so I’m not expecting Mutton Brook, The Brent or the Fleet to flood us soon 😉 However, flooding of the Palace of Westminster might focus some minds on looking after those who have been affected and might be in the future;-)

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