Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

I’m not going to do this as a real tryptich – the subject matter doesn’t lend itself easily to that course of action. So here are three images of Three buildings, Three high rise blocks of housing raised at the beginning of the 1960’s on the obliterated remains of what was once the centre of East Finchley destroyed by the Nazi’s during the blitz. Life returned but the old village was gone for ever – such is the nature of war for all sides. There are no winners 😦





  1. I really admire that last photo. The angle of the photo is so excellent! I’ve tried to capture the height and dimension of some tall buildings, and I have found it a challenge. Black and white was a nice choice, too!

  2. Very nice architectural shots. Hard to do!
    The area surely looked very different before the war. I can imagine a village, more like the village occasionally shown in Downton Abbey.

    1. Thanks Judith. I understand that in the early 1800’s East Finchley was viewed as a den of iniquity with Boxing, Cockfighting and other activities carried out for the financial gain of criminals. In 1840 the Church of England felt that enough was enough and sought to solve the issue by building a church (Holy Trinity) which was completed in 1846. They also built a church school. The area where the tower blocks stand was a mix of shops and a couple of public houses. But the biggest loss was probably the famous Hog Market where many of London’s restauranteurs and hotelliers (including The Savoy) came to buy their pork. Those blocks of flats stand around the road that still bears the name Market Place. But it was definitely not a ‘Downtown Abbey’ type village – we had Highwaymen… 😉

  3. Wow! Thanks for the fascinating history. Sounds like a place Dickens might have written about! Highwaymen! Certainly a far cry from today’s architecture.

    1. Finchley Common was the property of the Bishops of London but was very well known for highwaymen. Dick Turpin’s famous ride to York reputedly started here though I doubt it is anything more than rumour. But Highwaymen were a reality for anyone travelling on the Great North Road as the A1 is still known. Nowadays Boris Johnson continues the tradition of highway robbery by cranking up the transport fares ;-(

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