Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Closed BooksWindow of local bookstore – Black Gull Books



  1. hmmm, I see a book I would like to read … maybe I can find it here! nice shot Martin 🙂

    • You may indeed Christine – They have some great secondhand books. I picked up a very nice copy of The Story of The Heavens by Sir Robert Ball in there and also Panzer Leader by Heinz Guderian. But when I’m looking for out of print books I also find the Abebooks site very useful. Lots of small independent booksellers on there. Got hold of Top Link Locomotives by Norman McKillop that way and a book that you would certainly find interesting – The Natural history of The Garden by Michael Chinery 🙂

  2. I love independent bookstores. They are disappearing. I would love to spend some time in this one! Great choice for the challenge!

    • I’m sure you would Debra 🙂 Please see my response to Christine above regards the Abebooks website.

    • I am very familiar with Abe books, Martin. I have found so many out of print or older books that I couldn’t find any other way. I’m glad to be reminded that the sources are most often independent sellers, and maybe that knowledge will help assuage my discomfort when I simply must have one more book! I really need to
      Stop! Ha!

  3. How’s it going, Martin?
    I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a whole mosaic of reasons. But I think of you and the family and hope all is going okay.

    • Hi Judith – I hope you are keeping well. We’re still in limbo regarding Epi’s proposed operation 😦 But making the best of things 🙂

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