Room With A View

A Christmas Eve view from the window of Epi’s hospital room – that pub looks inviting doesn’t it…

Christmas 2013_640



  1. That Pub looks terribly inviting. Have as Merry a Christmas as your hearts will allow. Fingers crossed that Epi is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery soon.

  2. Your photo makes the street look wonderful … Happy Christmas to you three dear ones!

  3. The photo is exceptional, but given the place from which you’re shooting, I feel so sorry! I hope by now Epi is doing much, much better. THis is really rough for you all…and so wishing you a Happy New Year means a whole lot more than just the seasonal greeting. I hope it really is, Martin.

    • Thank you Debra – I’m afraid that I take advantage of even the bad situations to get a good photo and I’m pleased to say that Epi expects no less! Epi is now breathing easily and able to get around normally. All of which doesn’t alter the fact that she needs to have some form of valve repair as a matter of urgency. We’re just waiting for the main players to all be present at once to decide what form of repair that should be. Christmas is a bad time to be ill – all the surgeons are in the Bahamas 😉 I hope you and your family have had a great Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing more on the Big Boy when it steams 🙂

      • I’m so sorry to hear how serious Epi’s surgical requirements appear to be, Martin. How hard to be waiting! I hope you will pass along to her my deepest concern and the prayers we can offer. That’s something a blogging community can do…care for one another even across long distances. Bless you all.

  4. Martin, thinking of you, Epi and Alasdair and all best wishes for stellar results and recovery.

  5. I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a while due to pressure of time and circumstances, so I wasn’t aware of what’s been going on with your family. So hard at any time, somehow even harder in the midst of holidays. I hope your recent posts signal a little normalizing of the situation!
    Our son-in-law had a valve repair operation many years ago now. They thought he would need a full replacement, but in the end the surgeon decided he could make the repair, and did, to great success. I wish you such a happy outcome for all three of you. My heart and my prayers and wishes go out to you and Epi and Alisdair. God speed!

    • Hi Judith – yes, one of the options is a repair. We’ll have to wait for the surgeons to make a decision about the best way forwards. In the interim Epi has been sent home with very strict orders to rest. Apparently it’s cheaper to employ an untrained person like me to look after her than to keep her in hospital (well the food at home is better but not sure the medical care is)… 😉 thanks for your kind support and prayers 🙂

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