Absence Explained

I apologise to my readers for my protracted absence. Currently my Good lady is somewhat unwell and hospitalised. As you can appreciate this is very disruptive from a blogging point of view but I hope to do a couple of posts over the next few days as we now seem to be reaching a period of resolution.

It’s been a grim month – and that was just the weather;-) But every storm cloud has a silver lining or, at least, a moment in which the gloom is lifted. That moment came yesterday evening as Epi was transferred from the Whittington Hospital to the Heart Hospital by ambulance. She had been waiting all day for a bed at the receiving hospital and when one became available around 5pm the transfer request was made. I’m sure that those of you residing in London will know how tight the availability of Ambulances can be, especially on a Saturday night close to Christmas. The Ambulance crew turned up around 18:30 – which was very prompt and suggests that the usual mayhem was in abeyance!

I’m not going to use names here – don’t want to get anyone in trouble. The patient care by the crew was excellent (should add that the same goes for most of the nursing staff at the Whittington). They offered us a ride with Epi in the Ambulance, which was very welcome as I haven’t been to the Heart Hospital in many years and could do with a reminder of where it is. The real bonus which made everyone’s day was that the ambulance driver took a shine to Alasdair and he was given a ride in the cab under blues-n-twos conditions – a wonderfully unique experience for a 12yo! I would like to extend my thanks to the London Ambulance Service for that – It made a difficult time much more pleasant 🙂

LAS Ambulance
LAS Ambulance


    1. Thanks for your kind wishes Christine – unfortunately improvement will only come after a successful operation. We’re in a when rather than if situation 😦

  1. Full marks to the ambulance driver, but I’m sure elf’n’safety wouldn’t have approved. If Epi was being bluelighted to a heart hospital that suggests you are using typically British understatement when you say she’s somewhat unwell. It sounds as though she’s in good hands and I hope she makes a fast and complete recovery.

  2. I was so glad to see you had posted, but then very sorry to hear that Epi has been so unwell. What a difficult time for all of you. I’m sure this has been hard on Alisdair, despite the enjoyment of an ambulance ride. I hope that Epi will have full return to health quickly, Martin. And you have been missed.

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