A Father’s Love

A Fathers Love



    1. Thank you so much Nandini – I speak to Leon’s young lady regularly as I patrol the touchline. It was very nice to catch him with his daughter on this occasion – I believe that her name is Nanya but I need to check as I’ve probably spelt it wrong! She’s a real star and Wingate & Finchley’s youngest supporter 🙂

    1. Yeah – I used to look the same Debra… Then reality kicked in 😉 Just finished putting together a large desk for Alasdair to do his school work – a real learning experience! You don’t realise how many manual skills you’ve learned in life until you see your son trying to use a screwdriver, hammer and spanner – wow! He has soo much to learn!!!

    1. It seems to be having that effect on my lady readers 😉 I did ask Leon if I could publish any of the images that I took in the bar after the game. He and his lady were happy – and they get them to add to their memories too 🙂

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