Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite


Now why, you may ask, is he showing a calculator? Have a look at the sum I’ve typed in – 87/0. I’m sure we all know what’ll happen when I hit the ‘=’ button. That’s right – Math Error! In elementary mathematics the result of division by zero is viewed as undefined. In certain areas of mathematics however – notably algebra and applied mathematics you’re likely to come across equations where as the value of one component grows smaller, the resultant becomes ever larger and is said to approach infinity – the classic example is y=1/x. Effectively – as x approaches zero, y approaches an infinitely large value. Logically then, Zero goes into any number an Infinite number of times – and the poor old calculator (along with the human brain) having no real way to comprehend that situation, throws a wobbly 😉



  1. Hahaha… oh, boy… there’s probably not much you could do on that device that wouldn’t make me feel a bit wobbly! When it comes to math I’m proud of myself if I can even find the ‘power’ button on a calculator! Oh, wait! I think I see it! Looks like my work here is done. 😉

    • LoL – wait til you see the CFX-9850G then! I have no idea how to use it but it sure looks good on my CV 😉

      I’ve been using the FX series of scientific calculators for a number of years, finding them robust and reliable – so it was natural to get one for Alasdair when he moved up to secondary school. Of course I treated myself to a new one at the same time 🙂 They’re good right up to degree level science.

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