Dragged – Kicking & Screaming…

My old Mobile has been showing its age for some time… In truth, it was only six or so years old. But it was an example of early Chinese craftsmanship allied to a British corporate trying out a new market for the first time. We’re talking committees designing horses here 😉 Add to that the pace of change and you’ll realise that my 1st generation 3G phone was getting very clunky.

You’ll gather from this introductional expose that whether the phone is the latest, glitziest, most wanted, is something that is irrelevant to me – I just want a phone that works reliably and I was still using a Sony DCM-1000 up to the point when I had the joys of broadband thrust upon me by an employer that finds its workforce useful guinea pigs for new things it wishes to offer the public.

Meanwhile – out in the real world – people are busy buying new mobile phones every day. It seems that everyone is on an upgrade path, seeking to get themselves the latest fashion icon phone. And they are willing to pay premium prices – ignoring fashion house specials we’re talkin between £300 and £600 for the privilege! The mobile phone has become a piece of jewellery in its ownright – but one that has a far shorter season than gold. You want a Porsche phone? – All yours for the right amount of money 😉

So, finally, I took the decision to get a new phone and staying with the keypad approach that I was used to… Bought a Blackberry. Even then – I’ve chosen a model that is a couple of years old because it does what I want. It does lots of other things that I don’t necessarily want too, but I can learn about those as I go along. But key for me is that it feels comfortable in the hand and also feels solid (won’t break easily).

How do Technology changes affect you…?


  1. I still use an old Samsung slider,,, it makes calls and texts,, good enough for me… I do have the use of a couple of Backberries,, my daughters rejects after upgrades… I love technology though,, into it quite strongly,, but phones bore me… . 😉

    1. Yeah – I’ve used a couple of Samsung’s over the years and thought they were good – the lad’s got a basic one as his first mobile 🙂 Know where you’re coming from Gerry 😉

  2. I don’t even have a mobile phone Martin, with no reception here and a quiet life, there is no need … S has a very old one that confuses anyone who borrows it because the ‘scree doesn’t work’ (not a touch screen) and he only uses it to make phone calls … does not even text … so we are dinosaurs with phones … but I do have an iPad 🙂

      1. There is a part of me (as a Telephone Engineer) that views mobile phones as the spawn of Satan. So maybe I’m not best qualified to judge what some users do with their mobiles – suffice to say that I shall pray for their souls when they descend into the eternal fire and brimstone of a new contract or pay as you go agreement 😉

  3. I’m usually way behind the curve when it comes to technology. I’ve never used a DVR, never watched a movie on Blu-ray, never used Skype…
    (I could keep going, but I’m going to stop now before this really starts to sound ugly!)

    1. Me neither Bob (is that correct grammar?) – never felt the need. I have tested the video capabilities of the DSLR but…Not sure that counts 😉 Hasn’t stopped me from pushing on with other areas of technology. But for me a phone is a phone… at least primarily 😉 Looks like I can enjoy my mp3’s with this one though – tried it out and Warrior by Wishbone Ash sounds very good through the Beats Solo headphones 🙂

  4. For years I had a cell phone (USA terminology) strictly for emergencies, like the car breaking down or something. But early this year on a sudden impulse the Hub and I bought iPhones and — Martin, I hate to confess this to you — we never looked back! I L-O-V-E my iPhone!
    I then moved on to buy an iPad Mini thinking that would change my life even more than my iPhone, but I was wrong. The Mini is okay, but it’s nothing like my iPhone. I enter appointments on the spot, never leave my shopping list at home anymore because it’s right there on the phone, read the NY Times and the BBC News every day, make notes so that I don’t lose random but at least semi-important thoughts, check my email and respond to important ones on the spot — follow approaching rainstorms on MyRadar, check recipes on Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, learn how to greet people at the Chinese restaurant in CHINESE, not to mention all the dozens of photographs I take because my camera is now always with me.
    Oh. Telephone calls. Well, I don’t do much of those. And no one calls me, because i don’t give the number out to anyone. (If the Hub and I lose each other in the supermarket, though, we’ll use the phone to find one another again.)
    I don’t think I’ve turned into a spawn of Satan, but then again, how can I be sure? It does feel, though, like St. Peter is beaming down on me!

    1. LoL Judith – we also use the term Cell Phone but Mobile has become the more popular description 🙂 Sounds like you’ve found the right phone for you. Me and Apple have not seen eye-to-eye since my son got an iPod shuffle and their software tried to take full control of my pc. Even now there are fragments of apple ‘virus’ loitering with intent – most notably in an attempt to take over my Outlook! So I wouldn’t have bought an iPhone – but that’s me personally. What’s best for me isn’t best for you 🙂

      As for a tablet – again, not a (Steve) Job’s worth but a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 which I probably underuse – get to watch BT sport on it and I read the monthly editions of Modern Railways 🙂

      I also have a Kindle for reading some books on – though I still also buy hardbacks when I feel that having the real book is important to me. Largely things like Technical and Historical studies rather than stories.

      Like you I’m very pleased with my purchases. I do make a lot of phone calls and texts – so maybe that’s what has guided the difference in our choices when choosing this round of new phones 🙂

      ps… and you know me, I make my own recipes up as I go along 😉

  5. I don’t respond to peer pressure, but kid pressure! My son-in-law researches phone deals and plans and trades up with people making the phones upgrades a game, and I find every year or two he has something “new” to give me. I don’t personally end up spending so much money on the changes, but it’s kind of funny because I really don’t care, but he is so enthusiastic I don’t like to disappoint him! As long as I’m the recipient of “gifts” in this area, I’ll play along. I think my latest phone could probably cook a meal…but I really don’t need the bells and whistles. I’d like to say I don’t need the phone in the first place, but I don’t see myself rolling back the clock. I will say that one of my very favorite phones was the Blackberry. I hope you’ll be happy with your decision, Martin!

    1. I can remember when the original housebricks hit the street Debra – you could sometimes see an interesting juxtaposition of a City Slicker in a Saville Row suit waving one about to show how important he was…. with a BT external cabler in grubby overalls standing a few yards away also waving one around to show how important he was 😉 Now, of course, we take them for granted and expect improvements all the time. So far, I’m very pleased with the Blackberry 🙂

      Sounds like you have a good ‘upgrade’ arrangement 🙂 All my son does is get me interested in the occasional computer game (with the alterior motive that I’ll buy it for him) and some music that he has started discovering for himself. Most of them don’t get me going but I quite like this one by Alex Clare…

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