My old Mobile has been showing its age for some time… In truth, it was only six or so years old. But it was an example of early Chinese craftsmanship allied to a British corporate trying out a new market for the first time. We’re talking committees designing horses here 😉 Add to that the pace of change and you’ll realise that my 1st generation 3G phone was getting very clunky.

You’ll gather from this introductional expose that whether the phone is the latest, glitziest, most wanted, is something that is irrelevant to me – I just want a phone that works reliably and I was still using a Sony DCM-1000 up to the point when I had the joys of broadband thrust upon me by an employer that finds its workforce useful guinea pigs for new things it wishes to offer the public.

Meanwhile – out in the real world – people are busy buying new mobile phones every day. It seems that everyone is on an upgrade path, seeking to get themselves the latest fashion icon phone. And they are willing to pay premium prices – ignoring fashion house specials we’re talkin between £300 and £600 for the privilege! The mobile phone has become a piece of jewellery in its ownright – but one that has a far shorter season than gold. You want a Porsche phone? – All yours for the right amount of money 😉

So, finally, I took the decision to get a new phone and staying with the keypad approach that I was used to… Bought a Blackberry. Even then – I’ve chosen a model that is a couple of years old because it does what I want. It does lots of other things that I don’t necessarily want too, but I can learn about those as I go along. But key for me is that it feels comfortable in the hand and also feels solid (won’t break easily).

How do Technology changes affect you…?