1. Hi Christine – HDR is fun but I don’t normally use it improve dull shots. A bit of gentle tweaking in photoshop working from the RAW file usually fixes any deficiencies in the camera produced JPEG (not that the camera makes many faux-pas’ 😉 )

  1. May I just say that methods of transportation in Great Britain appear to be so much brighter and more beautiful than our rather dull utilitarian colors. I wouldn’t even consider taking a photo of one of ours-no amount of tweaking color manipulation would do any good! I’ll adopt yours as my favorites! Lovely red!

    1. Thanks Debra – Red has been the color of London’s buses since the days of the London General Omnibus Company and the first motorbuses. In London Transport’s days it was a duller red than it is today. Following privatisation many operators had variations on the red theme – like the blue skirts of the Metroline vehicle above. One company even went for a yellow colorscheme! Transport for London, realising that London’s red buses are a global icon decided to put their foot down (a bit like the All England Club at Wimbledon!) – buses must be 80% Red in colour. Then you saw variations in the red applied by the different companies – Metroline’s could look decidedly pinkish in certain light whilst Arriva’s had a bit of an orange look to it. The final stage of the pogrom against non-standard reds was the issuing an edict that company variations be stopped – buses to be all over red of a specified shade – company ownership to be discretely displayed and a plain white London Buses roundel to be located on the lower central body panels. The one variation alowed is where the vehicle is designed to have black areas around the glazing. Think I’ll post a couple of images of the new ‘Borismaster’ bus to illustrate that 😉

  2. I don’t know why but I always call that kind of hue London red…hehehe….it matches the overcast skies, too!
    Love the serenity of your street…you should see Manila, *yikes*…vehicles per square inch of pavement (LOL)

    1. Hi Magdalene – Nothing overcast about this morning’s skies. Bright sunshine but there’s also a chill wind. Winter will soon be here! Yes, I’ve seen film of the traffic in Manilla – I think the only road in London that can be like that is Park Lane! The quiet street (which is in Greenford) was photographed in the middle of the day – it gets busier in the rush hour, but nothing like Manilla.

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