Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

In this first image I have increased the f-stop to f14 to ensure that the foreground and background contain a high level of detail. f14 is a balance between improving the depth of field without compromising the resolution of the lens – most lenses give their best resolution at around f5.6-f11. Those of you who think you recognise the location are probably Harry Potter Fans – it’s Lacock Abbey

Good Depth of Field

In this image I left the f-stop at f8 (my preferred setting for normal photography) as the subject was going to be so much closer to the camera than the background that anything behind would be out of focus but the everything relating to the subject would be in focus. Converting to B&W also removed any distracting background colours



    1. Thank you Christine 🙂 Given the nature of the challenge I thought some explanation of what I’d done would be useful. Depth of field varies with focal length of the lens but also with how closely you are focused in on your subject.

  1. I appreciate the information related to how and why you chose particular settings. The photos are really beautiful, each in its own way. I always find the B & Ws fabulous, and then I forget to experiment with my own photography! I must remember to see what I can produce. 🙂

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