Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Finchley Police Station from the entrance to Victoria Park. Lens set to focal length 48mm. ISO set to 800. Aperture set to f8. Shutter speed of first shot = 1/1000th. Second shot was at 1/800th.

Finchley Police Station - Vertical
Finchley Police Station – Vertical
Finchley Police Station - Horizontal
Finchley Police Station – Horizontal


    1. Thanks Colline 🙂 I was just following what the challenge asked for. I’d have probably composed differently otherwise although vertical would still have been my angle of choice!

    1. Hi Christine 🙂 I would probably have gone low to emphasis the foreground flower bed but increased the depth of field to ensure the background buildings remained sharp in a vertical format. But for the challenge it was easier to stay normal height and concentrate on having the same central point. Didn’t quite get that right – slightly downwards angle on the second shot!

  1. Beautiful display of flowers Martin. Only a couple of weeks left here until spring then we’ll start to see flowers too.
    I’ve been bad & neglecting visiting people’s blogs. Hope all is well

    1. Thanks 🙂 – I have visited once when I happened to find a kitchen knife in the street, The Police there on that day were very friendly and pleased that I was removing a dangerous weapon from the street! 🙂 On another occasion I don’t doubt that my camera could be treated as an Offensive Weapon or evidence of my terrorist activity 😦 Any links between me and the SNLA are purely coincidental 😉

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