Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Kit

With just a few days to spare the new kit for Wingate & Finchley’s 2013/14 campaign arrived. Finally we could do the team photos. In the last couple of seasons these have been done on the morning of the first home game which can be a bit of a rush and also disturbs the players preparation. So this time it was decided to do the main photo at one of the evening training sessions. With the skipper being on holiday early in the week we had to go with Thursday when hopefully almost all the squad would be present.

The plan was to do only the main Team Photo and I was asked to be there at 19:00. However, I usually prefer to arrive earlier because – just like the players – I need to be in the right frame of mind. It gives me time to prepare, assess the light and check that the camera is functioning correctly. As I arrived Paul and David were completing a distribution chairs from the bar for the main photograph – I’ll let them do that (younger and fitter than me!).

I took the light – absolutely terrible! We’d had a bright and sunny day but the evening was seeing the closing in of clouds from a front that was due to pass through overnight. The issue was that the cloud was very heavy and the light so bad that I needed to bump the ISO of the camera very high 😦 Well, ok, it was 3200 but that will still cause issues of sensor and correction noise on a final jpeg image. Some photographers will wonder why I’m using so high an ISO for a team portrait… They clearly haven’t taken team portraits before… There is so much going on as the jokers in the squad seek ways of disrupting the shoot – the faster your shutter speed the better chance you have to catch some straight faces πŸ˜‰

The good news is that being there early allowed me to also photograph most of the team for their personal portraits before we took the main shot – a real result! Thanks for chasing that Danny πŸ™‚ It took 24 shots of the main team pose to get one that was almost right and then 4 face-plants from other shots to deal with closed eyes or looking elsewhere issues to produce the finished article…

Team Photo: Wingate & Finchley 2013/14
Team Photo: Wingate & Finchley 2013/14


  1. Those are a lot of folks to photograph at once under any kind of lighting conditions (particularly in such an official capacity)! A real challenge, but you always seem to ‘get the shot’, Martin! Very cool!

    1. Thanks Bob – they were actually pretty well behaved this season. There was a little bit of larking around by Dan, Hector and Ahmet (front row on the right of the photo). But the really disruptive elements (Joe O’Brien, Murat and Jordan) are no longer with us.

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