Filling Time

The last of the pre-season friendlies are gone – not too bad a start for Wingate & Finchley with some wins and a couple of draws and losses. I understand tha Hector scored from the halfway line in the last game against Maldon & Tiptree – no way I’d get that in a single photograph! But, all-in-all, it looks like The Blues may be ready for the new season and we’ll soon find out.

Saturday will see Carshalton coming to visit at Summers Lane. This was a match that was in doubt until Tuesday last week. Much has been written about league rules, the application of those rules and the behaviour of the Ryman League, Football Association and certain clubs in blogs better placed to explain matters than me. Suffice to say that due to irregularities surrounding a certain player we would have been playing Thurrock FC but they now find themselves relegated and Carshalton are reprieved.

The School Holidays have also arrived and I found myself with a week to fill between the ersatz war and the real thing. Keeping kids busy is hard work especially if they just want to play Battlefield or similar. Sunday wasn’t too bad – he was due at Church anyway! Monday was planned to be a wander into town and perhaps visit a museum as the weather was due to turn wet. It would turn out to be one of those…

06:30 – website I’m visiting launches a background window which is a warning from Europol about me visiting all sorts of illegal websites and locking the browser. They want £200 within 12 hours or they proceed with criminal action against me! My immediate message to you, my readers, is read the thing very carefully and see if it really fits with the law of your country as you understand it. Then realise that, if you really are on the police radar for the offences referenced (copyright violations, child pornography, etc) then they’ll be round to hammer down the door without sending you a browser message! It’s a scam aimed at getting your cash and it plays on the fact that none of us is innocent – most of us have viewed copyright infringing videos on YouTube for example. I went to great lengths to show Alasdair how to detect scams – since they’d given me the opportunity to do so. Apart from the point made above regarding how the Police really work, the dead giveaway is the poor English Grammar which I would not expect from any legal document being provided to anyone breaking the law by officialdom. Advice on how to deal with this ‘Ransomeware’ virus type is available on the web (look up ‘Your Browser Has Been Locked’) – But you can do it the quick and dirty way like me and uninstall the browser it has infected though only if you have more than one browser on your machine! After which you should do a full system scan with your anti-virus software to remove anything that is still loitering with intent.

Late leaving as a result, we went to catch a bus on East End Road. Two options – 143 or H3. We’ll catch whatever turns up first. It was the 143 (though the H3 was behind). Kismet comes in Red…If we’d caught the H3 the subsequent events don’t come into play for us! At the junction of the Archway Road and the A1 we met a huge tailback and it was quickly apparant that the Archway Road was shut and the Police we sending all southbound traffic over North Hill and Highgate Village. For those who don’t know the area that’s putting a Quart into a Pint Pot – unsurprisingly it was all grinding to a halt. We leapt out and walked.Scooter I took the opportunity to have a quick chat with a friendly Community Officer and to photograph his rather snazzy 3 wheel scooter which was boldly holding back the traffic from driving up Archway Road. Then we plodded up the hill past Highgate Station and continued down towards Archway.

9450088762_b95f919f95_zWe found the road fully closed at the Winchester Hall public house with a police vehicle blocking traffic and blue tapes closing off all routes through for traffic including pedestrians. It was apparent that a cyclist had been involved in a fatal collision and the Police were busy marking out distances as part of their investigations. I’ll take a point here to extend my sympathy to the family and friends of the dead cyclist.

We then diverted via the old Finsbury Park railway line to Crouch End before picking up Hornsey Lane across the Archway Road via the suicide bridge – ironic that some bus drivers were assuming that the diversion via Highgate village was due to someone jumping from the bridge and were explaining their diversion to passengers that way!Highgate Hill Diversion In fact the Archway gives spectacular views over London for those not intending to jump. The mercenary in me took the opportunity to photograph some buses off route due to the diversion but that was our day gone due to a tragic accident. We did pop over to Stratford and back but it wasn’t anything special in the circumstances.

The City

So what did we do next? To Follow…


  1. What a day. . . so sorry to hear about the cyclist Martin. We were in London in June, driving through the city to Stoke Newington at the end of the work day and I was surprised at how many more cyclists there were than I remembered when living there. Great shots Martin and I love the view of London in that distance.

  2. It’s a good thing poor grammar doesn’t always indicate malicious intent (otherwise I would be in some serious trouble)! 😉
    And the cyclist… ooof… very, very sad…

    1. LoL – my grammar can leave a bit to be desired too 😉 Anyway, if you get a screen message purporting to be from the FBI you know what to do 🙂

      Sadly injuries and deaths to cyclists happen daily – a guy had both legs broken by a truck on the Finchley Road yesterday. He’s lucky (?); normally that would be a fatal collision 😦

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