Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

New Camera body ordered on 18th July – Delivered at Lunchtime 19th July…

1st shot 5:18 pm in harsh lighting…

Long Lane

Long Lane

Not bad as I haven’t worked out AF and metering settings yet.

Canon EOS5d mkIII – 1st shot – can’t get fresher than that…

The corner shops veg is usually fresh too 🙂



  1. I like your take on fresh – and your first picture taken with your new camera.

  2. Enjoy your fresh new baby – the photo looks great!

  3. Congrats to your new camera 🙂

  4. mrscarmichael says:

    perfect and thought I recognised the road.

  5. I like that the camera is fresh!

  6. Great pic with your fresh new camera. 🙂

  7. Lovely shot Martin! There is nothing quite like a new camera, is there…

  8. Great shot. Perfect composition. 🙂

  9. A fresh new camera, how fun!

  10. As my old grandmother used to say, “Use it in good health!”

  11. Fantastic detail, colour, everything Martin!

  12. Oh I love this one – and so great to see how you get the photo especially when it is the first shot? I am envy you 😉 – But in a good way – I wonder if you have taken some macro yet? (thanks for your like – there is already a new post 😀 )

    • I haven’t done any macro with the new camera yet. I don’t often do macro work as it’s not my main photographic interest and I don’t have dedicated lenses of the EF type.

      This shot was easy – I just set the camera up the same way I would set up my 7D and it worked (that’s the nice thing about having cameras that have a lot in common).

      Thanks for the kind Comment Mariane.

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