Blackbird’s Song

Blackbird sits
on his Watchtower perch
speaking words of ill portent
to all who listen

A lilting ode muted
in dark toned melody
for the air becomes thick
ready for rending
and the clouds glower
over sweltered earth

So Blackbird warns
Here comes the Storm

Martin Addison – 19/07/2013



  1. Lovely poem. 🙂

  2. If only!
    I love the sinister image you’ve created, but at this point in our relentless heat wave, I only pray for Blackbird to be right! Rain, yes, please, bird of not-always-ill-omen.

    • I wish we could have a nice thunderstorm too Judith – our heatwave persists to the point where there have been grassfires in East London. I can’t ever remember that happening before!

      I hope I haven’t overly sinister’ised the humble Blackbird – unlike the Crow, he’s generally viewed as a friend in the UK 🙂 The muted singing when the air turns sultry is behaviour that I’ve observed over the years.

  3. I always enjoy your poetry, Martin. And I enjoyed this one very much. The image of the blackbird standing guard and sending warnings is a very ominous signal!

    • Thank you Debra 🙂 We’ve been woken by God moving the furniture this morning before Mr Blackbird was up! And we’ve finally had a sprinkle of rain 🙂

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