Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Sunrise from my Office
Sunrise from my Office
Night Lights & Blues Sky - Sunrise on Ballards Lane
Night Lights & Blue Sky – Sunrise on Ballards Lane
Sunset over the North Circular Road
Sunset over the North Circular Road


  1. what brilliant photos martin … the blue sky and night lights is a special moment … doesn’t last long does it? are they con trails in the sky of the first one? and i am glad to see london sunsets are almost as colourful as those in the kimberley!!

    1. Hi Christine – yes, they are Contrails left by aircraft over flying the UK. There is indeed just a short period of time where the lights and the blue sky co-exist before daylight takes over completely. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Ballards Lane so quiet! We do get some interesting sunsets but they’re not common.

      1. so you lucky to capture such a bright one … or do you always have your camera with you? ( i often wish i did, like this morning seeing raindrops in the casuarina trees all shining in a ray of sunlight!)

      2. I usually have my camera with me though not always. The sunset was pre-planned – the cloud formations in the late afternoon suggested it might be a good one.

    1. Thanks Sylvia – it was lovely light that morning 🙂

      ps – I left a comment on your Glider post but it hasn’t appeared, so could you please check in your spam folder.

    1. Thank you Judith – yes, most people miss the beauty of sunrises.. Our weather is currently too hot – but I believe yours is the same from the news reports. Keep cool and take photos when you can 🙂

    1. Thanks Magdalene. Sad to say, we don’t get sunrises and sunsets like that every day. That shot of Ballards Lane was taken at 6:30 on a November morning in 2009. Canon EOS40D, ISO400, 0.25 sec (1/4) at f5.6 handheld – I’m amazed I got away with it. The sunset was taken in December 2010 on my Canon EOS7D again at ISO400 but no miracles with shutter speeds on that one 😉 The top shot was taken in January 2012, on the EOS7D at ISO400 again. The message is that Winter is the time to get this type of shot in Northern Europe 🙂

      1. Here in the Philippines, sunsets are the same in all seasons ( and we have only 2: wet and dry seasons)…
        dramatic contrasts appear when there’s a volcano eruption somewhere around the world…

      2. LoL – We’re a bit light on the Volcano front in Finchley 😉 I guess we’re so used to 4 seasons that the idea of a wet and a dry season seems a bit strange. Of course, lots of UK residents will insist that we have one long wet season only!

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